Tillful CEO Interview – Business Credit Made Easy (MUST WATCH)

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Here at Moneycodez, we take pride in revealing all the secrets regarding personal credit. I feel we have it down to a science, however business credit is a whole different animal. There is so much confusion about how to build a business credit profile. Should we build up tier 1 accounts to establish our DUNS #, does it matter if our personal credit is bad, what are lenders really looking for? Today we get to speak with the CEO of Tillful, Ken So, and he is going to answer all of these questions as well as show us how http://www.Tillful.com can help entrepreneurs looking to acquire business funding.

Tillful Score: https://tillful.com/?&utm_source=youtube&utm_campaign=moneycodez
Tillful Funding: https://www.tillful.com/apply-funding/?&utm_source=youtube&utm_campaign=moneycodez

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Credit Repair Done For You

00:00 Ken So Intro
03:00 Intro To Business Credit
05:10 Emergence of FinTech Companies
08:30 TillFul Presentation
09:20 Business Credit Bureaus
12:40 How Does Tillful Match Entrepreneurs With Credit Products
14:58 What Does The Tillful App Look Like?
20:10 Tillful & Pre-Approval Offers
22:15 Are there credit products available for those with challenged FICO scores?
25:40 How important are Tier 1 tradelines & Your Duns number?
28:28 How Does TillFul Compare To Nav.com
30:10 What Does Ken Think about the 8 Billion dollar Credit Karma Acquisition?
34:00 If Ken So could provide one piece of advice to a new entrepreneur…

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