About Me

One of the versatile personalities in the financial space in Atlanta, Georgia, is Joel Bellevue.  His giant strides cut across real estate investing, online marketing, and tutoring. Due to popular demand and in a bid to offer his clients the best, he became a board-certified credit consultant (CCA), having gained the required knowledge and proficiency in August 2021.

Joel has achieved a lot in the financial world and is outstanding in what he does. He began his journey in 2008 as a real estate salesperson and became a licensed real estate instructor. This fit was an avenue to offer the best and educate realtors and first-time homebuyers on the home buying process.  To help his clients succeed, he created www.creditcodez.com, the Money Codez brand, in 2020. This platform enables people to learn about their credit, repair their profiles, and start applying for high credit limit products. Therefore, whatever be someone’s financial constrain, he got them covered on his website and would be ready to tutor them the A-Z of financial literacy.  Similarly, he launched A-Team Credit Solutions as a done-for-you credit restoration service in 2020.


Joel is sure that he intends to help people manage their finance with little or no cost. Hence, he launched his financial literacy YouTube channel www.youtube.com/c/moneycodez where he releases two videos per week reviewing financial institutions, credit products, and teaching personal finance strategies.  Here, he makes people understand why their emotions keep them broke and how to get over loan issues.

Joel’s mission is to empower the underserved communities that weren’t taught financial literacy. His platforms serve as a one-time opportunity for anyone who wants to grow and gain financial freedom.  With ease, one can learn for free on YouTube, D-I-Y at creditcodez.com, or restore their credit at A-Team Credit solutions with Joel painstaking tutoring.