SECU vs. Navy Federal Credit Union | Let’s Compare Credit Cards

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SECU has been mentioned among the best credit unions in the nation, but how does it stack up against Navy Federal? Today’s episode we look at how to become a member of SECU and how their credit products stack up against each other.

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00:00-01:36 Intro
01:37-02:50 How To Join SECU
02:51-04:29 SECU Product Offerings
04:30-07:36 SECU Visa Signature Card vs. Navy Federal Flagship
07:37-10:03 SECU Cash Back Visa vs. Navy Federal Cash Rewards
10:04-11:19 SECU First Rate VISA vs. Navy Federal Platinum
11:21-11:52 SECU Rewards Visa
11:53-12:46 SECU Starter Card
12:47-13:29 SECU Secured Card
13:30-14:10 SECU Student Card
14:11-14:49 Does SECU Use ChexSystems?
14:50-15:16 What Bureau Do They Pull?
15:17-15:50 How Many Cards Can I Get Per Inquiry?


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