How To Buy A Home | Step-By-Step (Must Watch)

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Thinking of buying a home and feel a bit overwhelmed? Watch this video until the end and I will give you a clear explanation on what you need to do from beginning, middle and end to make your home buying process as easy as possible. There are several pitfalls that can kill a deal that most buyers (and even new realtors) arent aware of. Let’s jump right in! – Get Your Free Credit Restoration Cheat Sheet Now!

00:00 Intro
02:25 Credit Profile
06:30 Lender Requirements
07:40 Types Of Loans
12:55 The Lender
16:00 The Realtor
20:00 Needs vs. Wants
22:00 Placing Your Offer
26:38 What To Do Once Offer Is Accepted
28:55 The Appraisal
29:50 Recap
30:45 Pitfalls
31:20 Closing

Smith The Mister – Yaki Tori


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