Answering FNBO Business Credit Questions | Credit Building

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On Todays episode of Money Codez, let’s discuss the common questions regarding FNBO Evergreen Business Credit Card, their Secured Card, and key things to look out for. By the end of this video you should be prepared to apply for your next FNBO credit product.

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Time stamps

00:00 – 00:58 FNBO Personal Evergreen Card Recap
00:59 – 03:00 Which FICO Scoring Model Does FNBO Use
03:01 – 05:50 The Differences Between FNBO Business Credit Cards
05:51 – 06:40 How To Apply For The Business EverGreen Card
06:40 – 06:57 Will The FNBO Business Secured Card Graduate?
06:59 -08:00 Does FNBO Require Documentation After Applying?
08:01- 08:37 How Can I Check The Status Of My Application?
08:55- 09:40 I apply For Both Credit Cards, How Many Inquiries Will I Get?
09:45- 10:55 Which Credit Bureaus Does FNBO Report To?


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